You will need
  • a syringe without a needle;
  • - Libra.
Take a break in the diet for as long as the animal does not go to the toilet. If constipation continues not the first day, the kitten must be kept on a starvation diet. It so happens that cats themselves cease to have or lose much appetite, but some absorb food with the same zest as in a healthy condition. Remember that waste does not happen. Everything that the animal eats must come out, and yet the intestine is not able to purify yourself, to aggravate the situation not worth it. Milk or water in the bowl should be mandatory.
кот вазелиновое маасло
Calculate dose of medication. The minimum amount of paraffin oil for a single serving – 0.2 cube 100 grams of weight. To measure easier, use a syringe without a needle. One division of the syringe to 2 CC's will approximately match the rate of 100 grams kitten. Prepare to be that animal without enthusiasm perceive the procedure for "feeding" of paraffin oil. The necessary dose can be divided into several stages.
что делать если кошку тошнит
The best way to feed the kitten a medication to take in hand and a quick firm motion to inject it directly into the mouth from a syringe. However, mineral oil is not water, so swallowed a cat immediately. Keep in mind that if you give a large amount at one time, you need to give the animal a chance to swallow it. Keep the kitten began to choke or drown. After everything is done, rinse the syringe and hands and wait for two hours. Medication for strong constipation must be repeated until then, until the kitten goes to the toilet.
кот чихает из носа темные выделения