You will need
  • tray and cat litter
So, if your kitty has managed to make their "business" in bed, immediately start to wean him from it. Better to break him of this bad habit immediately after the first puddle in the bed.Purchase a special tray for cats and a filler for him, which eliminates unpleasant odors. This is important because cats like to dig before you write. Alternatively, you can use torn pieces of Newspapers.
как сделать постель для собаки из рубашки
Define the tray in a special place in the house and not move it to the kitten in the future, remember its location and were not looking for it in other places.
Почему кошка писает на кровать хозяев
Day try to follow the kitten and as soon as you see that he climbed on the bed and wants to create another "Mediterranean", take it in the tray. Make sure that the kitten peed there, then Pat and praise him and show that you are happy with them. But if he had already done his business in bed, take it and take it to the tray, without showing any signs of affection and kindness to him. Leave him alone with a tray, "think about your behavior."
как отучить взрослую собаку писать на кровать
While he was not accustomed to the tray, try to keep closed the door to the room to get the kitten to pee on the bed.
как отучить щенка прыгать на кровать
Make sure that he didn't leave with the tray until there goes to the toilet.
как отучить котенка от занавесок
For some time, follow all these steps above. So you will achieve that the kitten will get used to the tray and understand its purpose in the house, remembering where he is located.
It is important that the bathroom door was open, so the kitten will be able at any time to go there.Your pet will understand what you wanted him all this time, and will use the tray in the toilet for its intended purpose. And in the morning you won't Wake up in the middle of the Mediterranean sea", and will enjoy socializing with your pet that no longer gives you problems.