Advice 1: What should be a normal chair

The stool is the contents of the distal colon, released during defecation. A healthy adult stool has a homogeneous dense structure and a light brown color. If the form selected cal reminds the individual lumps, this is due to its long stay in the intestine.
The nature of the chair is determined by the power

Signs of normal stool in adults

Products defecation can be called the result of the work of the digestive system. Any change which does not disappear for a long time alone, can indicate the development of serious pathological process. To get timely treatment, you should know how to be a normal chair and at that point it changes.

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the color of feces. Usually it depends on the food consumed. However, if the masses become too dark, or gained a tarry consistency, such changes may indicate bleeding in the stomach or the intestine. Yellow or white stool indicates a violation of the process of digestion of fats or pathology of the liver and gallbladder.

This criterion as stool consistency determined by the food and fluid intake. For example, dry stool is a sign of dehydration, and liquid indicates a lack of fibrous foods in the diet. If the stool visible undigested remnants of food, you should think about the correctness of their food. Such a phenomenon may point to the wrong action of the juices involved in the digestive process.
Blood in the feces in an adult can be a symptom of Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, hemorrhoids, or evidence of the presence of benign tumors.

As for the smell of feces, pleasant not be called, in any case, but it should not be sharp. The gain smell is usually observed for diarrhea and putrefactive processes in the intestine. "Fragrance" can be distorted and as a result of consuming excessive amounts of protein products, and subject to the vegetable-dairy diet.

What is the meaning of "regular bowel movements"?

Under the concept of regularity is meant the number of trips to the toilet "in large" for one day. Normal is one or two bowel movements a day. If changes in the frequency and character of stool was caused by dysbacteriosis, for example, after taking antibiotics, to establish the process of digestion will help "Laktovit". Used it 2 times a day 40 minutes before eating according to this scheme:
- adults and children over 14 years – 2 to 4 capsules;
- children from 2 to 14 years – 2 capsules;
- toddlers of age 1 capsule a day.

If changes in stool frequency not understandable, and the process fails to stabilize yourself, you should consult a doctor.

Which chair is normal for a newborn?

The first feces of the newborn is meconium, which is a dark mucous mass, similar to clay. After the initiation of breastfeeding feces grudnichka begins to change its character. First, they can still be seen the remains of meconium in the background of digested colostrum or milk, and the consistency of the stool of the newborn in the first days reminiscent of brown-green mush.
Constipation in infants are due to violation of intestinal motility or poor diet nursing mother.

After about a week in the character of Kal is undergoing a fundamental change, explained by the use of Mature breast milk. Now they look like yellow cottage cheese with a sour smell. Green, mucus and lumps in it already should not be.

How often a baby poops? A regular in the neonatal period is considered a stool 6 to 8 times a day, almost after each feeding. It is important that feces are allocated daily.

Newborns, breastfeeding, products defecation can remind Kal infants, but usually they are more thick and dark and smell a bit putrid. Normal for this baby to be a single evacuation a day.

Advice 2: What should be the stool in an infant

After birth, young mothers, particular attention is paid to the chair of the newborn. The contents of the diaper changes as they get older kid and can vary greatly even in healthy children.
What should be the stool in an infant
In the first 2-3 days of life baby chair infant should be black or black-green and sticky. So the baby comes out meconium – original feces. Approximately every fifth baby comes out meconium in the womb. However, if your baby in the first days of not pooping, you must inform the doctor. Perhaps the child will need help.
3 day baby chair is beginning to change. It gradually brightens, becomes first brown, and then gray-green. By the end of the first week of the feces change color to light brown or mustard. The consistency of the chair with each passing day it becomes more liquid.
By the beginning of the 2nd week of life an infant the contents of the diaper becomes mustard or yellow, sometimes with herbs. The chair can meet white lumps of undigested breast milk and blotches of mucus. Feces of the newborn can be liquid or mushy.
Defecation bowel can occur before, after, or during meals, and when the baby is sleeping. During feeding, some mothers noted explosive chair for a baby: babe pooping with a sharp sound, not looking up from his chest.
When breastfeeding before entering the feeding chair baby can have almost any color and consistency. Green stool with mucus, lumps of milk or foam is considered normal, if the kid feels well and is developing as it should. However, if the baby Kale you find blood, you should call a doctor immediately.
A newborn baby can Poo up to 7-10 times a day. If your child has a stool occurs regularly, the contents of the diaper does not have a sharp unpleasant smell and does not foam, the baby feels good, don't worry, it's not diarrhea. Also normal is the absence of the chair up to 10 days. You should not use the vapor tube, or put laxatives candle, if the child poops himself, his stool is soft or liquid and the absence of the chair does not cause him discomfort. The rate of constipation – hard feces, not long absence of defecation.
However, if the baby solid feces, the feces has a sharp unpleasant odor, the child is fussy or not gaining weight, you should seek the advice of a pediatrician or pediatric gastroenterologist.
A young mother should focus on health, activity and development of the child and not on the contents of the diaper. Active and happy baby, gaining weight well, has the right to chair any color, consistency and frequency.

Advice 3: What should be the chair of the newborn

Young mothers of their first child often wonder: what should be the baby chair? When born a second child, experience is enough to assess normal if the newborn Kal. But with the first baby everything is much more complicated.
chair newborn

Chair newborn

Diapers young mother begins to change the baby in the hospital. Of course, there she first confronts him with a chair. The first will be a very unusual form and color. It's called meconium. It is the original cal. It has a greenish tint, very sticky and hard to wash off from the skin of the newborn. So be sure in the hospital you need to take wet wipes. Not always meconium departs once. More often it happens that the baby will poop several times in a row. Gradually with the arrival of mom's milk the baby's stool will change.

Chair infants

As soon as the baby starts to eat mother's milk, his stool is more liquid than meconium. The normal color should be yellow, orange or mustard color. If the baby dirties the diaper herbs, you should consult a pediatrician, this may indicate infection in the intestine of the child.

There should be no sharp smell from the feces of a newborn. Usually it smells like sour milk. The baby chair has a mushy consistency. It is not absorbed completely into the diaper. When the mother notices that the stool is liquid, and the diaper absorbs it completely, it is better to look at the child. Perhaps its just podlasia with some products in her diet. And maybe, begins diarrhea. The infant feeding formula, the stool is a little different from the babies to the milk mom.

Cal baby must be homogeneous. The presence of flakes undigested curds can be an alarming symptom. Because it means that the baby does not assimilate fully everything that eats. When he did not bother, it behaves cheerfully, and the chair moves easily and painlessly, then the reasons for panic. But if in addition to the flakes in the stool mom says worry baby because of his tummy, then a trip to the pediatrician is required. It may be that the baby lacks the enzymes to digest milk. In this case, either prescribe medicines to ease digestion, or will prescribe you a special mixture. Often this lack of enzymes is accompanied by skin problems that cannot be cured with the help of Allergy meds. As soon as the baby's digestion will return to normal, the skin clears itself.

Chair baby after feeding

In the period of introduction of complementary foods to the baby's stool is changing very much. The whole digestive system starts to work differently. To rebuild takes time. Therefore, from the beginning of the feeding chair toddler is a little different in colour and consistency from what is introduced into its diet. The feeling that purees that I feed the baby, goes almost unchanged. This is normal. Gradually, the stool will become more familiar to adults: more dark, dense. If cal leaves tight and lumpy, starts constipation. In such a situation it is necessary to increase the amount of water in the diet of the baby and be sure to add in a vegetable puree a teaspoon of olive oil. After the introduction of complementary feeding chair baby starts to smell more sharply.


The child's digestion – labile system is subject to many factors. Cal all the time will not be the same. A young mother is always to evaluate not only him, but the General condition of your baby. Single liquid green stool is not diarrhea. When in doubt, mom will help a good pediatrician. You can save the diaper and show him to eliminate all doubts and anxiety for the health of the baby.

Advice 4: What is the temperature of the body must be a newborn

The birth of a child is always considered a new stage in the lives of young parents. Mom and dad are seeking to ensure baby not only all the necessary, but also the best, carefully watching his health, fixing every little thing. However, most inexperienced parents have a lot of questions and anxieties that are associated with health and life of the baby. What should be his chair, how much and when to feed your child and what the temperature of the body is to be with him – it all turns to parents in the most vital problems.
What is the temperature of the body must be a newborn

Body temperature in newborns is the norm

Body temperature in infants is an important indicator of his condition. It depends on the majority of factors, both external and internal – ambient temperature, air humidity, condition of the system of internal thermoregulation. Babies up to 3 months self-regulation of body temperature is not yet as effective as in adults. Babies very quickly freeze or, conversely, to overheat.

The main task of parents at this period for a child to create the most comfortable conditions of life. But it is worth considering that kids up to 3 months the reason for the increase in temperature is not always the development of infectious processes, it can be very hot and the air in the room, a large number of put on the child warm clothes, colic or persistent crying.

The normal body temperature in a child varies from 37 to 37.2 degrees Celsius. Of course, these figures are considered average and are more suitable for babies born healthy. There are times when even a fully healthy children in the first days of life may experience small fluctuations in temperature up to 39 degrees. And it will not be considered a symptom of disease, often this is simply because the body can not immediately adapt to life outside the womb.

The measurement of body temperature of the newborn

To measure the body temperature of a child are used three main ways: oral (thermometer under the tongue), rectal (temperature is measured in the anus) and in the armpits. Of course, in each case, the temperature will be different. For the armpits the norm will figure 36-37,3 degrees, in the rectum is 36.9-37.5 degrees, and in the mouth (under the tongue)– 36,6-37,5 degrees.

To measure the temperature of the newborn is not so simple. The complexity of the process may be exacerbated by the need to learn a more accurate result, as the decrease or increase in temperature is an important symptom of developing the disease. The most accurate and convenient method of measuring body temperature baby rectal is considered when a thermometer inserted into the rectum.

Low body temperature newborn

Low body temperature in a child often indicates hypothermia or General weakness of the body. But it is worth remembering that during sleep the human body temperature is lower than during the activity. One should not panic if the indicator of the thermometer is one degree more than the norm in the absence of noticeable changes in behavior or mood of the baby. If the baby is lethargic, does not respond to external stimuli, giving up food and constantly crying, should immediately consult a doctor.
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