You will need
  • one thin screwdriver;
  • - thin, easily bendable wire.
To start, try hands lightly to lower the window. If you succeeded, then paste the crack in the formed thin screwdriver to slightly widen the slit. Do this very carefully so as not calculating force, you can damage the car window.
Of the total coils of wire, measure a piece the required length (to the end of the wire can reach the lock button) and cut it. At the end make a loop with a diameter slightly larger than the diameter of the button. This is necessary in order that the wire could easily dress up the blocker.
Then push a wire with a loop at the end in the resulting gap between the glass and the door and put it on the locking button. It is possible that the first time you will not be able to do it, so be patient and try to "catch" button again and again until you reach the result.
Capturing loop lock, pull it up so that the wire could be tightened around the button, thus pulling her with him upstairs. As soon as the button out of the slot at a sufficient level, your door will open.
In that case, if the glass does not fall, try to push inside the window, gently prizing the seal with two thin screwdrivers. An extreme measure can serve as a broken glass, that replace will be easier for others.