In the first 2-3 days of life baby chair infant should be black or black-green and sticky. So the baby comes out meconium – original feces. Approximately every fifth baby comes out meconium in the womb. However, if your baby in the first days of not pooping, you must inform the doctor. Perhaps the child will need help.
3 day baby chair is beginning to change. It gradually brightens, becomes first brown, and then gray-green. By the end of the first week of the feces change color to light brown or mustard. The consistency of the chair with each passing day it becomes more liquid.
By the beginning of the 2nd week of life an infant the contents of the diaper becomes mustard or yellow, sometimes with herbs. The chair can meet white lumps of undigested breast milk and blotches of mucus. Feces of the newborn can be liquid or mushy.
Defecation bowel can occur before, after, or during meals, and when the baby is sleeping. During feeding, some mothers noted explosive chair for a baby: babe pooping with a sharp sound, not looking up from his chest.
When breastfeeding before entering the feeding chair baby can have almost any color and consistency. Green stool with mucus, lumps of milk or foam is considered normal, if the kid feels well and is developing as it should. However, if the baby Kale you find blood, you should call a doctor immediately.
A newborn baby can Poo up to 7-10 times a day. If your child has a stool occurs regularly, the contents of the diaper does not have a sharp unpleasant smell and does not foam, the baby feels good, don't worry, it's not diarrhea. Also normal is the absence of the chair up to 10 days. You should not use the vapor tube, or put laxatives candle, if the child poops himself, his stool is soft or liquid and the absence of the chair does not cause him discomfort. The rate of constipation – hard feces, not long absence of defecation.
However, if the baby solid feces, the feces has a sharp unpleasant odor, the child is fussy or not gaining weight, you should seek the advice of a pediatrician or pediatric gastroenterologist.
A young mother should focus on health, activity and development of the child and not on the contents of the diaper. Active and happy baby, gaining weight well, has the right to chair any color, consistency and frequency.