Advice 1: How to sew shorts without a pattern

Shorts – one of the brightest and most seductive items of women's wardrobe. Sew them and very far from the craft of the fairer sex. All because the shorts sometimes do not even require a pattern.
Spectacular shorts you can sew without a pattern

The easiest way to make shorts

Shorts can be easily made from old pants. No pattern for that is not needed, because you already have a product that needs only to be shortened. For this you need the tape, long ruler, chalk and sewing supplies.

To start, wash, dry and iron the pants. To my old "arrows" do not have. Measure along the side seams from the hem the same distance. Using a ruler draw lines bottom. Do not forget to leave allowances for processing. You can then carefully trim the legs. By the way, if you rework so jeans, the bottom can dissolve the fringe. Moreover, such a decoration is popular.

If you sew the shorts out of the pants, fold the allowances of 0.5 and 2 cm on the wrong side, keen and hem them on the machine or manually. Shorts ideal for you in size, ready! Thus it is possible to give a second life to old overexposed trousers, pants or jeans.
In this way most often undone jeans, but he was fit and Trouser of cotton, woolen and synthetic fabrics.

Shorts without a pattern: step by step guide

Sew beautiful shorts just an hour of this pattern is the real challenge. For this we first need to make a simple sketch to decide the extent of future shorts should be free. To do this you need to remove a few measurements: waist, hips and length of shorts.

After that take a cardboard or heavy paper. Her need to draw a rectangle one side of which is equal to the length of the product, and the second – poluobhvat hips, multiplied by 1.5. You must now cut a rectangle, leaving from all parties seam. One of the long sides, it is 2.5 cm, all others – 0,7-1 cm (depending on fabric). Then take the second rectangle.
The workpiece can be cut simultaneously after folding the fabric in half. Product length should be in equity.

Now assemble the parts of the shorts and gently sweeps them, and then sostrochite stepper seams. You should have two halves of the product. One turn them inside out, the second should be right side out. Insert the second into the first, aligning the sections of front and rear seams. Seams baste and sostrochite.

Treat the upper part of the garment – sew the elastic band, previously made it into the ring. Elastic band can be in matching fabric, and contrast. In the second case it is possible for the rest of the stitches to lay the finishing line of the same color. In the last step and fold the hem of the trousers. Original shorts without a pattern is ready!

It should be noted that the material for the shorts best to choose opaque, but lightweight and good drape, like Jersey. You will also need a wide elastic band. Cut these shorts can be directly directly into tissue.

Advice 2: How to sew baby shorts

Summer is coming and it is time to change the pants of the child on shorts. This does not necessarily run them to the store. Understand how to sew baby shorts with her hands.
How to sew baby shorts
You will need
  • - piece of knit fabric
  • centimeter
  • pencil
  • - sewing supplies
Sew baby shorts just. For this can be found in home storage piece of knitted fabric. Before starting, Jersey is necessary to wash and dry. Until the material dries, take measurements with the child to make a pattern for sewing the shorts. To create a drawing necessary to remove the measure From the (waist circumference) = 28cm and measure About (circumference of hips) = 31cm.
Next, draw straight angle, vertex, which is denoted by the point T. the Width of the shorts is calculated as follows: divided by 2 and added 25 turns of 40.5 cm For determining the distance from the point of waist (TS) are divided by About 2 and added 4cm, obtained 19.5 cm Distance. - from bottom line to the point step (for all sizes) will be 12cm.
Then you need to lay from the point 2cm up and mark the new point (T2). T1 and T2 to connect the line. The resulting quadrilateral (T2-T1-D1-N) is the rear half of shorts.
SHL – a place for stacki gussets = 10cm. Do you need a gusset in the form of a rhombus, in which SL is 5cm and 9cm. SSH Line the side seams is a common line (Т1Н1) front and rear halves. The gusset stachivaya in the SHL segment.
Line TSH grind off the front halves and Т2Ш – back. Shorts elastic you need to top-make allowance for 2 cm.
The resulting pattern should be pinning on the wrong side of the material and to outline, departing 1,5 – 2cm for allowances. In order to connect the parts and to handle the seams at the same time, better to work on the serger. Otherwise you'll have to stitch the seams twice.
Understanding how to sew children's shorts, you should take note of: - if the piece of fabric is large, it should put werecat;
- step sections, front middle and sew better lapped seam;
- the lower sections of the hem seam bodybu;
- the upper section should go along the line towards the inside and stitch along the upper fold.
- free slice of 0.5 cm to bend inside out and again zastrochit, leaving 1cm free for threading elastic.

Advice 3: How to find women's shorts

Shorts – the perfect outfit for the beach, office, only need to choose the right model and fabric. To find the shorts on their own will, even a beginner seamstress.
How to find women's shorts
You will need
  • - a large sheet of paper;
  • - pattern-based trousers;
  • pencil;
  • - the range;
  • - a pair of scissors.
To build the pattern of the shorts, you need to create pattern-based classic women's trousers. The instructions on how to build it, After she is ready, you can start modeling for future shorts.
Measure the length of the product. It may vary from knee length to mid thigh. The waist line was lower by 3-5 cm
Mark the line of the pocket on front part. Draw a diagonal line, departing 3 cm from the lateral line towards the middle and 12-15 cm down.
If you wish your shorts were a little flared and a free draw from the Darts in a straight line. Cut the part along this line and spread, and the point on the waist line must be aligned.
Build the detail of the burlap pocket. Attach a sheet of paper detail of the front and circle line entrance to the pocket. Step back from the top 2 cm to the side and from the lower 6-7 cm to the side and 2-3 cm down. These points connect smooth lines.
Make pattern belt and belt loops. The pattern of loops is a rectangle 3x5 cm zone is a rectangle with its length equal to the circumference of waist plus 6 cm and a width of 6 cm Width of the finished belt will be 2 see If you want to carve out a wider zone, respectively, increase the width of the part. It should equal the desired width of the belt multiplied by 2, plus 2cm for allowances.
Paper pattern shorts ready. Put her on the wrong side of the fabric and draw a chalk. All parts are cut out, leaving allowances for seams at 1 cm on the side of cut and the waist line. For bended form the bottom, leave 3-4 cm belt Detail and belt loops cut out without allowances (they are built into the pattern).
Burlap pocket will have plenty of lining fabric, and the area of the side seam above the entrance to the pocket from the main.
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