You will need
  • - piece of knit fabric
  • centimeter
  • pencil
  • - sewing supplies
Sew baby shorts just. For this can be found in home storage piece of knitted fabric. Before starting, Jersey is necessary to wash and dry. Until the material dries, take measurements with the child to make a pattern for sewing the shorts. To create a drawing necessary to remove the measure From the (waist circumference) = 28cm and measure About (circumference of hips) = 31cm.
Next, draw straight angle, vertex, which is denoted by the point T. the Width of the shorts is calculated as follows: divided by 2 and added 25 turns of 40.5 cm For determining the distance from the point of waist (TS) are divided by About 2 and added 4cm, obtained 19.5 cm Distance. - from bottom line to the point step (for all sizes) will be 12cm.
Then you need to lay from the point 2cm up and mark the new point (T2). T1 and T2 to connect the line. The resulting quadrilateral (T2-T1-D1-N) is the rear half of shorts.
SHL – a place for stacki gussets = 10cm. Do you need a gusset in the form of a rhombus, in which SL is 5cm and 9cm. SSH Line the side seams is a common line (Т1Н1) front and rear halves. The gusset stachivaya in the SHL segment.
Line TSH grind off the front halves and Т2Ш – back. Shorts elastic you need to top-make allowance for 2 cm.
The resulting pattern should be pinning on the wrong side of the material and to outline, departing 1,5 – 2cm for allowances. In order to connect the parts and to handle the seams at the same time, better to work on the serger. Otherwise you'll have to stitch the seams twice.
Understanding how to sew children's shorts, you should take note of: - if the piece of fabric is large, it should put werecat;
- step sections, front middle and sew better lapped seam;
- the lower sections of the hem seam bodybu;
- the upper section should go along the line towards the inside and stitch along the upper fold.
- free slice of 0.5 cm to bend inside out and again zastrochit, leaving 1cm free for threading elastic.