In addition, skirtshorts can be not only lightweight summer thing. It can be made from dense material to wear in spring or autumn with tights and long boots.
To stitch a skirt-shorts, you need a pattern. The pattern can make yourself, although there is a more simple variant - to look for patterns on the Internet upon request.
If you've sewn a skirt or shorts, you will not deliver much hassle to sew myself a skirt-shorts. Unlike the shorts, in a skirt-the shorts need to take a bigger step size and add to the side seams.
Once you have made the pattern, divide it into three parts and draw a line from the crease separating the first and third part. On this line will tuck. Do the same thing with the rear half.
Two vertical lines and make the cuts extend approximately 3-5 cm deeper you will make the tuck, the lower incision.
The skirt-shorts should be short, wide-legged, so do not forget about length.
All the seams it is best to steam before you flash. If you want to wear a skirt-shorts with a belt, don't forget to sew the loops for him. Looks very nice skirt-shorts with straps with large plaques. If your skirt-shorts made of denim blue fabric, you can buy in the store garment accessories rhinestones to decorate their thing.