You will need
  • Serger, sewing machine, needles, feet, thread.
Pay attention to the direction of pull of the fabric, buying fabric stretch. It can stretch in all directions and can be elastic only in the longitudinal or transverse direction. Stretch fabric distinguished by the presence of lycra yarn. After stretching this material, quickly recovers its shape. Fabric stretch can be based on velvet, crepe, denim. Of such materials it is possible to sew any clothes that will beautifully fitting shape, allowing smooth and easy to move.
Treat the fabric with an iron before sewing. Heating temperature is determined by the properties of the fibers of the material. For example, viscose, silk and lycra is not very hot. But cotton or wool with lycra to iron even using a damp cloth. Will definitely appreciate how after the treatment the iron is retained with elasticity and structure. Outwrite all the material, because it can shrink, lose shape. Otherwise when cutting you will have plenty of details that sewing will pull, in tension will be uneven and not "sit" on the figure.
Carefully copy the lines of the seams. Use ended rod of a ballpoint pen or the blunt side of the knife blade, since a wheel with sharp teeth may ruin the fabric.
Pay attention to the direction of pull of the fabric when cutting. For example, if you sew pants with a cutout heel, the fabric must stretch in the longitudinal direction. For sewing normal pants is better to use a material which stretches in two directions. But the fabric is stretch with a transverse thread is perfect for sewing narrow skirts and trousers, as well as for the surrounding jackets.
Use the needle for sewing Jersey or elastic. The tip of these needles are rounded, which ensures a soft penetration of the needle into the fabric and it eliminates the gap. Consider the thickness of the fabric when choosing foot, needle size and thread. Remember the most important thing – don't pull the fabric when you sew!
Use elastic seams. It is best to use a serger, in accordance with the attached instructions. On a conventional sewing machine often use a zigzag stitch. It is necessary to install a very tight needle thread tension. Now available sewing machine with special stitches for stretch fabrics stretch. Keep in mind that the seams are made by double needle, will also retain flexibility if you prostrochite them on the front of the unit.