You will need
  • Lace fabric, foam cups, underwear elastic, garment accessories.
The cups fit an fabric. It is best to first tack the fabric to the cups, and then stitch on the machine. Keep uniform tension of fabric.
Trace the outline of the calyx. Then on the inner edge give allowance for stone (about 1.5 cm), draw a zone baste knitted lining. The shape belt can make any depending on your imagination.
The edges of the product. Sew the straps and the clasp or special hooks.
Decorate a ready-made bra with lace.
Panties also can be made by matching the pattern. It can be constructed independently, after removing the required dimensions. If you will learn how to sew the bottom linen, the perennial problem of the "crushing bones and hanging strapless" will no longer bother you.