You will need
  • - textbooks;
  • - legal documents of the Russian Federation;
  • - sheets of paper;
  • - handle.
A mistake many graduates is that they consider science an easy subject, the surrender is not difficult. Do not leave studying to the last days before the exam, since a high score can be obtained only by careful study of a large amount of information. Start preparing at least a month before the exam.
Training course social science consists of five different subjects: economy, law, sociology, political science and philosophy, each of which contains its basic concepts and terms. In preparation for the exam can not be limited to one school textbook. Pick a few quality Newspapers are professional writers, which provides a different perspective on a particular issue.
In addition to the educational literature in preparation for the exam carefully study the basic normative-legal documents of the Russian Federation (the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the Civil and criminal codes). These laws can be easily found in any library or on the Internet.
For the successful implementation of the test portion of the exam to get acquainted with the basic concepts of the course and some to memorize. Connect to the process of motor memory and visual memory. This can be done by making a small crib. On sheets of paper write down key terms, key names and dates. So it will be easier to structure and to generalize, and subsequently to repeat a large amount of material. Take these cheat sheets on the exam is not worth it, they will only distract from the main.
The greatest difficulty on the exam on social science is usually the cause for writing essays. It is important that it was formulated the main idea (thesis), the disclosure of which you will be able to show the depth and quality of your knowledge on the subject. This cannot be achieved without regular training in the writing of such works.