For admission to universities usually require 3 exams. But not one of them have to be listed as exam. For admission to some faculties require, instead of the third exam to pass a creative contest.
For example, to do the journalist have to write a paper and pass an interview. Also math is not required for admission to acting, musician and artist. The results of the exam that you need to provide the admissions office to enroll in these directions – Russian and literature.
Medical universities do not require exam in mathematics. Normally for admission in these universities you have to take chemistry, biology and Russian. But before you decide on getting a medical education, think carefully, as this specialty is famous for hard study and hard work.
Also without mathematics can I apply for a humanitarian profession. This category includes philosophy, Philology, psychology, law and others. Usually this requires a knowledge of history, social studies and literature.
If you have a predisposition to foreign languages, should try his hand at linguistics. Linguistic universities do not require the math exam, but you will have along with the Russian language and to pass the foreign history.
The faculty of physical culture, it is also possible to do without mathematics. But it is important to remember that without great athletic training and with health problems, the Commission responsible for the recruitment of students, may not make to the faculty. However, if you want to connect the life with sports, you can enroll in the pedagogy Department, where physical training is not of major importance as theoretical knowledge.