For some unknown reasons, the majority of students considered social studies to be the most easy and not noteworthy subject. The relationship develops in such a way that the subject is simple – you can't be prepared – and so surrender."
In fact, it is a serious mistake. Remember the philosophy of martial arts, when the master said: "Never underestimate your opponent". In this case the exam – it is the enemy that it is better to overestimate and is much better prepared.
But looking on the other hand, understand that social studies is the same thing as everyone else. Therefore, nothing supernatural is not here. For successful completion of the examand require only some preparation and confidence in their abilities.
To prepare should start in about six months or a year before the exam. The human brain is designed so that the information perceived in the past, is much better absorbed and easier removed, than that read a few hours ago.
As wrote John Kehoe in his book "the Subconscious can do anything", the information that the brain perceived in the course of life, does not disappear. Even if the person does not remember something, it does not mean that it is not. The main part of the sensed material is deposited in the subconscious. And at the right time, the brain can raise the memory. But the confidence that this is the correct answer, will not. There will be a clear understanding that appear not knowledge, but intuition. But this is only the unobtrusive work of the subconscious, which helps to find the right answer to various questions.
As regards the examand then the day before it's better not to download the brain nothing superfluous, and just relax. An overload of information and excitement before the big day can lead to stress, but it's not the best it can be. Therefore, the best option is to rest and sleep.
Well, if the person is superstitious, it is possible to observe an old student tradition: at midnight to shout in a loud voice "FREE FALL". At the crucial moment good luck will definitely be with you.