One of the most popular options is the admission to colleges on the basis of 9-th class. You can finish College at the University, building up your knowledge and , after graduation, to enroll in the 3rd course in the University after passing the pre-exam. But this technique is not available in all institutions of higher education. For example, when applying to some Universities for admission to 3 year, you will need to pass internal exams. However, before entering all details. After all, every year the Universities are making some adjustments for applicants.
The next option is to enroll in specialized courses. In just three months you will be able to learn a profession and go safely to work. The choice of specialties for these courses is multifaceted, so everyone can find something for everyone. For example, today popular professions such as stylist, Stuart, a manicurist, a chef or a landscape designer. However, these courses have a significant drawback: the majority of employers wish to have employees with University diplomas.
Another option is study abroad. However, it will require significant financial costs. First you'll have to finish school and then go to University. In total you will spend on training for about 6 years.
Many commercial and government educational institutions offer training on paid faculties. This option is especially relevant for those who are going to get a second degree and graduated from high school prior to the introduction of the exam. Such applicants simply pay a certain amount than to self-remember and re-learn long-forgotten material.
In addition to these options, you can learn remotely, as well as evening or correspondence Department. In this case you are allowed to take the entrance exams to the UNIVERSITY is not in the form of the exam. Or you can still brush up on your skills, like training courses and in the following year with a clear conscience to pass the exam.