To choose a profession, and with it the further study for 11th graders sometimes very difficult. Some students long before graduation to decide where to go to learn, but not all understand what I want to do in the future.

Select the direction

Ideally, already by the 10th class, the student needs to know what items he likes, what he will choose for in-depth preparation for the exam and in what direction he will have to learn in the future. Even if he has not yet decided on the exact specialty and faculty, the selected area it should be. Just to mention a few such areas: physico-mathematical, natural-scientific, humanitarian, and creative. As a rule, since middle school, it becomes clear what subjects the child is given better: mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, literature or languages. The options here are many, but the profile of the student technologist" or "humanist", it is difficult with something confused. Even if all the items are good, you can identify that the learner considers loved ones, and they have to rely, when choosing a future profession.

The choice of educational institution

After the 11th grade, not necessarily to go to College, many students go to technical schools and colleges. Specialties of secondary professional education is in demand today as never before such personnel is not enough. Therefore, in order further not to be a specialist with a University diploma but without a job, many former pupils decide to first get a working specialty and then higher education. By the way, do not be afraid to lose the extra years at this school: after graduating from College, can I apply for a shortened programme of the University in his specialty. Especially useful advice to go to College or technical school will be for those students in grade 11 who are not very well passed the exam and don't want to spend parents ' money on paid education.

Those who go to University, you should think twice on what specialty to enter. Popular faculties such as economic, legal, faculty of design are preparing a huge number of frames. Every year apply hundreds of students formed a huge competition, and funded places is not even enough for honors. As a result, many students get on a paid Department, where pay big money for education, which subsequently does not pay for itself. In the labour market there is a surfeit of specialists of this profile. But the technical specialists - engineers in different directions - today is not enough. Therefore, when choosing a profession you need not look for prestige, specialty and real needs of the market and on the ability and desires of each student. This is what will later help to find a job on the profile and do it with pleasure.