To do with Russian you will be able to a number of remote universities on a commercial basis. Full educational program of the first higher have UNIK, Moscow state University. Witte. Unlike conventional institutions, you will receive jobs by mail and to pass all the exams remotely. This form of distance education is especially convenient if you are going to combine work with study.
Russian language will be sufficient for admission to the athletic departments of institutions of pedagogical profile. In addition to the certificate with scores will be required to pass entrance sporting regulations (running, swimming). Advantage for admission will be medals for the regional and Federal competitions and set records.
Three exams required for admission to the budget office of most Russian universities. In addition, the exam in Russian, the second "basic" subject is math her delivery is necessary for receiving a high school diploma. The third subject profile for each University. Physics or computer science for technical majors, social studies or history, to law and Humanities, literature will be useful for entering the universities.
If you failed to pass the exams, but the Russian, along with everyone in school, you can take the exam in other subjects in the "second wave" directly to the University, which is going to arrive. Write an application for additional examinations, specify the list of specialties on that claim. Attach to the application a copy of the certificate and the certificate exam.