Of post-secondary educational institution – school or gymnasium, the graduates face difficult choices: where to study further? The decision can depend on many factors: academic performance, selected exam, the availability of means to pay for studies, and of course the specialty that they eventually plan to get. In order to make the right decision, in any case should not choose the school and the profession spontaneously. Examine the booklets and leaflets, visit open houses, traditionally held in the spring of all Universities and colleges, explore the labour market and understand their preferences and desires. It is useful to pass tests of professional orientation, which can be found on the Internet.
First and foremost, you need to choose between vocational and higher education. The first will give you a profession in a couple of years, also do not require such a high score exams. On the other hand, having a higher education gives a certain prestige in becoming a passport to higher positions, and a degree valued by employers is much higher. However, if you can spare time for personal development, you may well receive vocational education in a particular specialty and then continue their education at the Institute. This will give you an idea of future activities of the studied disciplines, besides you will have the opportunity to experience and understand how it fits you.
If you definitely decided to go to College, it is necessary to understand in advance what kind of specialty you want to study. Apart from the huge number of humanitarian and technical areas there is still medicine, veterinary medicine, agriculture. To make it easier to choose the faculty and the profession, try to imagine your life and career in a year or two or ten after graduation. Ask yourself the question what you want to be at the end of his career? Note that in most Universities, the first course, mainly taught in secondary items, so you will have the opportunity to change careers or even the Department when space is available, or on a paid basis.
Actually the choice of educational institution must be made only on the basis of a lowest passing score on the required specialty, but given its reputation, educational and material base, the possibility of research activities and postgraduate education. As a rule, state Universities listed above-commercial, however, there are exceptions. It is not necessary to study the Humanities in a technical University and Vice versa. Finally, if the most suitable INSTITUTION is located in another city, never fear: in the end, in the hostel you can fully enjoy the beauty of student life.