You will need
  • - the directory of Universities;
  • test for career guidance.
Get the directory of higher education institutions in your city (or the city where you intend to study) and cross out all the Universities where you do not want to enter under any pretext. Then examine the list of remaining occupations. Divide the faculties according to their attractiveness to you, select the top five. Call and find out what items need to take for your selected specialty.
Find out if there are universities where you would like to do, open doors, and be sure to visit the event. Talk to the teachers and students, find out is it difficult to learn what items you will take place where most of job the graduates of the institution. This will help you to decide on the admission.
Equally important is the extent of your financial security. If you can do that for free? Who will pay if you will be studying on a paid basis? It may make sense to not go on the daily, part time or evening classes.
Try to turn into a profession your hobby. It is not necessary to choose a specialty based only on its prestige, otherwise the work may become your prison. Like to dig into the computer? Go to the programmer. Easily come up with interesting stories? Forward to the literary faculty. Addicted to the hand-maiden? Why not do the designer or the Department of decorative-applied art?
There are special tests for career guidance. Answering a series of specially selected questions, you will receive a list of occupations that appeal to you. To pass this test, you can have the school psychologist or the Internet.
If your looking for themselves to no avail, try to defer admission for a year, and during that time to understand what you have is the soul. It will be much better than spending several years to obtain unnecessary for your profession.