Most Federal universities in the country has the faculty of correspondence and evening education. This rule, and it corresponds to the position of the Russian Constitution. Every citizen has the right to get higher education for free - and it's not only yesterday's schoolboys, but also adults fledged members of society, who failed to go to University for whatever reasons. Logical, because it is hard to quit, it would affect the family budget. Distance education will allow you to find a balance between work and study.
Distance education offer of the Polytechnic and specialized universities in the country. In many (universities of communication, means of communication), you can unlearn the budget office. The state needs technical professionals, so it financially supports their training. You need to study to provide the results of the exam on the subjects taught. Your questions will be able to meet the Dean of the faculty of evening and distance learning of the University in which you want to apply. As a rule, for admission to the technical education you need to pass exams in mathematics, physics and Russian language for Humanities - mathematics, Russian and social studies.
Passing the exams will allow you to study at a distance totally free. Many people ignore this capability, but in vain! Successful training involves the purchase of problem books exam and then proveshivaniem, writing mock tests close to the exam atmosphere, training with Tutors and work with them on difficult subjects from the trial test.