At the end of the 11th grade pupils of Russian schools pass the Unified state examination. It is needed to receive a high school diploma, and its results affect the ability to go to College. If the student is not gaining even a lower score on one or more subjects, school certificate he can not give. Such pupil leaves school with a certificate that they have attended 11 classes. You can try to retake the exam the following year and then to go to College.

But is it possible to get a higher education without exam those who do not want to take exams in a form? Because the exam is not only painful hours of serious training, the money spent on Tutors and courses, but rather a subjective assessment of student knowledge. Assessment, which, nevertheless, affects his success in life. Not to mention that passing the exam is a terrible hassle for students and their parents.

Get higher education without exam

Such prospects are enticing for any child. But is it feasible? There are several options when to take the exam for higher education is not required, or the results will be essential for admission to the University:

1. To win or be a winner of all-Russian Olympiad for schoolchildren or University Olympiad held for students. Diploma of all-Russian Olympiad will mean that the student can enter any University without exams and without regard to the certificate exam. To have such a certificate will only need to receive a high school diploma. The prize winners of a University are enrolled without examinations only in this University.

This, of course, a great outlet for many talented people. But not all students have big talents for winning in such events.

2. After 9th grade to go to College, and after him to go to College on a shortened form of training for this specialty. Applies this system in all universities, but to find the universities that host in short form without the exam, it is possible. However, it is possible that the future student will have to pass internal exams of University to confirm a specialty. In addition, the curriculum of the University and College are different, and when the student is enrolled at the 2-3 year, he has to pass the academic difference. And it can reach ten examinations or tests.

3. You can do in a University abroad or one that operates under the license of foreign educational institutions in Russia. The results of the exam do not need, but may require examination results, students who rent in this country. What is also important – getting education abroad or in a foreign University on the territory of our country is rarely free. On the budget form of the Russian entrant to do not work, and scholarships our students receive is extremely rare.

The results

To pass or not to pass the exam scheduled for each student. The Russian education system does not force every person who wants to get higher education, take exams on this form is mandatory. Options, how to do things better, for everyone.