Want, can, need. To begin to answer the question: what do you want? What is the profession of your dreams? Throw away all doubts from a number of "it's not real" and "I can't do that". Dream!Now back from the world of dreams in real life. Examine what you know, what qualities have, what school subjects you are more interested in easier and which items you will pass the exam, what scores you can expect. Rate the labor market in your region experts are in demand in which area is found the surplus of personnel?Now your task is to combine it all together and find a career that will meet your desires, your abilities will be in demand in the market.
Where to go to learn? College choice is a very important step. If possible, choose leading Universities specializing in issues specialists in your chosen profile. Be sure to go to the open day, chat with students, learn about admission, find out the passing score, last year's competition.Today in Russia a lot of dubious Universities, where to go easy and learn easier. It's mostly commercial companies. But keep in mind that employers in the diplomas of such Universities are rated low.
Prepare a backup plan. Today, each applicant can apply to several Universities and for several specialties. If you are confident in your abilities, consider that among your chosen schools was then, where the competition is low and where you will be able to do almost certainly.