First and foremost, you need to apply to the Federal migration service (office of the Federal Migration Service) at the place of registration. It must be done within 1 month from the date of registration of marriage. If you miss this deadline, you risk to be fined according to the Russian legislation.
To obtain a new passport in connection with the marriage of employees of the Federal migration service you will need to provide the following documents:
-old passport;

-2 photos (color or black and white) size 35*45 mm;

-certificate of marriage;

receipt of payment of duty;

-petition for change of name.
From the moment of granting of all documents of the Federal migration service is obliged to issue you a new passport within 10 days. In that case, if not, you have the right to appeal to the superior departments. The only exception is the case when you change the passport at the place of registration and place of actual residence. In this case, the exchange period of the passport is 2 months from the date of filing.
If necessary, employees of the Federal migration service may be a certificate that the identity document surrendered for exchange.
If you wish to hyphenate, don't forget that do it yourself you can't. In this case, your spouse must also wear a double surname. If he will agree to it, then when applying for the registration of marriage in the registry office you have to specify.
Once you get your hands on a passport with your new name, remember that it was only the first step in a long journey of renewal documents. To replace you will need a passport, certificate of state pension insurance, mandatory health insurance, taxpayer, driver's license, as well as to record the change of name in the work book (for work), student book (place of study) and so on.