To change the names of the citizen of the Russian Federation must apply to the Registrar a statement specifying the current personal details of the applicant and the reasons for the required change. If you don't want to publicize the reason for the name change, it is enough to specify that you are implementing your right to change name and surname in accordance with article 19 of the Civil code of the Russian Federation.The application should attach a birth certificate, a document (certificate) on the conclusion or divorce, birth certificates of children (if any). The applicant when applying dolgen to pay a state fee in the amount of one minimum wage labor. The Registrar is obliged within one month to request copies of records of acts of civil status to make the necessary changes.Change of name for persons at the age from 14 till 18 years is carried out only with the written consent of both parents. For single-parent families require the conclusion of bodies of guardianship.The decision on each inquiry about change of names, taken individually. Is not only and not so much the reason for the change, it is important to confirm that your actions are not a way of evading any obligation.In the case of a positive decision of the Registrar independently records changes in civil status. A person who applies for the change of name certificate shall be issued containing past and current personal data and date of change.After the name change through the Registrar's office the winner of the new name must apply to the relevant authorities to make changes in basic documents: passport, insurance pension certificate, employment history, testimony about individual taxpayer identification number, the documents of title to property, Bank documents on the ownership of deposits and securities.