You will need
  • - the Declaration made in form 1P, which, in addition to requests for replacement should be reported and elected name (trannies also changing the name with a patronymic);
  • - passport;
  • - evidence of the conclusion and termination of marriage;
  • - a certificate of the Registrar change of name or all of name;
  • - documents that are used for the additional seals: evidence of the birth or adoption of children, military ID;
  • four uncut photos, their size 3,5x4,5;
  • - state duty of 200 rubles.
Write a statement asking to replace the passport. Specify that the reason for such a desire is a conscious and documented decision to live under a different name. And when the correction of the floor even under the changed registry office name and patronymic. The form and list of required documents can be obtained at the office of the Federal migration service.
All collected paper bring in the FMS. In ten days its employees are obliged to present a brand new passport with your chosen name. The deadline for receipt of the month. The delay can be considered grounds for filing a complaint or lawsuit.
If you have the desire to change for the same reason passport, you'll need the same set of documents as when it was the original receipt. The reason is that the passport change is generally not subject to. I want to change it some data and get a new one.