Advice 1: How to change the name in the passport

The name given to a person at birth as a sign of relationship to the family, genus. However, the owner names may be dissatisfied with its sound or associations produced in the pronunciation. It happens so that the name evokes negative emotions due to difficult relations with relatives. In such situations, you should figure out how to change the name in the passport and start a new life.
The passport of the Russian Federation
You will need
  • Statement of name change, passport, birth certificate, birth certificate of children, marriage certificate, certificate of dissolution of marriage.
Please contact the Registrar at the place of residence. Write a statement indicating his real name, place of residence and marital status. It should indicate surnames, names and patronymics of minor children and to present a birth certificate for each of them. As well as data on marriage (certificate of marriage or its termination).
Find out on the date designated for the receipt of the response. The fact that employees of the Registrar's office for adoption of a decision takes time. According to the Federal law "On acts of civil status", - 1 month from the date of application.
Go to the office of the Registrar, to give you a birth certificate for the old name. Give this document to obtain a different, new name.
Go to the passport office. Present your new birth certificate, the application for replacement passport, documents for affixing of all possible marks and the two pictures. Here will be the replacement of your passport with final change of name.
How to change the name and not to meet with difficulties? Carefully consider the choice of new names. So, the decision to become a namesake of a famous political figure or scientist is unlikely to approve. Besides, such a step will cause a longer wait for a response from the staff of the Registrar's office — up to two months.
Remember that the legislation of the Russian Federation change of name is allowed for persons over 14 years of age. But 18 years to change the name only with the consent of parents or guardianship.
Useful advice
After change the name to the more euphonious managed, you will have to substitute other documents. Driver's license or medical insurance you will change quickly and without question. But not so easy with documents on property or real estate. Difficult situation with the change of the certificate of graduation and diploma of higher education. Therefore, before change the name and start an endless run to authorities and offices, consider how difficult you are to live with the old name.

Advice 2 : Where to apply for change of name

If for some reason, people are unhappy with their name or surname, he may choose others. The need arises and when you change marital status. But to officially be called new, you need to pass the procedure of state registration of change of name.
Where to apply for change of name
You will need
  • - passport;
  • - birth certificates of children, custody and divorce, if any.
Prepare the necessary documents. You must be a passport or birth certificate. Remember to change the name of any citizen of the Russian Federation under 14 years of age, but those who are under the age of 18 must obtain the notarized consent of parents or guardians. Such a letter may be decorated by them personally in the presence of an employee of the Registrar when applying for change of name. You also must attach to the documents a certificate of marriage and birth certificates of all children of the person wanting to change the name or surname.
Pay the state fee for registration of change of name. Ready form with filled details to take on the ZAGS. The Muscovites, decided to change their name, can download it from the official site of the registry office of Moscow.
Provide to the Registrar at the place of residence the documents and receipt of duty paid. Complete the standard form of notification of change of name, it will give you employee of the Registrar's office. Undergo this procedure for you no one can, personal presence is mandatory.
Wait for the decision of the registry office of any changes to your name or surname or about refusal in it. Your application will be considered within one month, after which you will receive a response by email. Then visit the registry office at the place of residence and will receive on hands the certificate on name change.
Contact the passport office at the place of residence with the statement for change of passport. To Muscovites it is necessary to specify exactly where to go, since in many areas began to operate multi-function centers (MFCS), and they moved some of the functions of passport offices, engineering services and even surrogacy. After obtaining a passport with the new name you want to change all the other documents, namely passport, driving license, Bank cards, insurance policies, etc.

Advice 3 : Is it possible to change the name on their own

Change of name upon marriage is a common and does not cause special difficulties. But there are times when you need to change it based on the other reasons. Possible.
Is it possible to change the name on their own
Sometimes in life there are situations when the change of name for one reason or another would be appropriate and desirable. Moreover, in order to change it, not necessarily to marry: Article 58 of the Federal law "On acts of civil status" (№143-FZ) allows persons under the age of fourteen, to change the surname, name and patronymic at will (with a certain justification).

Necessary to change the names of action

We must start with the statement to the Registrar, which shall include full details (name, date and place of birth, nationality, marital status, residence, data of children up to 18 years (if any), all the details of the records of the REGISTRAR made in respect of the applicant). Next you need to enter the name (name/first name) that you want to take, and to give the reasons to this desire. The statement ends with the date of preparation and signature. When applying to the Registrar must be attached to the birth certificate, marriage/divorce (if any), in the case of children – their birth certificates.

The order of consideration of the application at the registry office

The application shall be considered within one month. If you experience difficulties in obtaining the necessary documents, the period may be extended but not more than two months. In this period, the Registrar's office will receive copies of the documents that will be fixed in connection with a change of name (if documents are lost, you first need to restore them). Based on the obtained information, the user approves the change or reject it (in this case they are obliged to communicate the reason and return the documents). The refusal may be appealed in court.

Actions in case of positive decision

Approving the name change, the office of the Registrar makes an entry containing the original name, place and date of birth, nationality, place of residence, the new name and the details of the record about the act of birth of the applicant. Is entered here, number of the certificate on change of name. The very certificate is issued to the applicant. After that, changes are made to records of acts of civil status drawn up before the adoption of new names. Further (by the applicant) replacing the passport, military ID, TIN, SNILS, employment records and documents that recognize the rights of ownership to any property.

It should be noted that the Registrar's office no unified scheme for selecting a positive/negative decision in respect of such statements. But at the attempt of the applicant by name change to evade any responsibility, he is guaranteed failure.
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