You will need
  • Statement of name change, passport, birth certificate, birth certificate of children, marriage certificate, certificate of dissolution of marriage.
Please contact the Registrar at the place of residence. Write a statement indicating his real name, place of residence and marital status. It should indicate surnames, names and patronymics of minor children and to present a birth certificate for each of them. As well as data on marriage (certificate of marriage or its termination).
Find out on the date designated for the receipt of the response. The fact that employees of the Registrar's office for adoption of a decision takes time. According to the Federal law "On acts of civil status", - 1 month from the date of application.
Go to the office of the Registrar, to give you a birth certificate for the old name. Give this document to obtain a different, new name.
Go to the passport office. Present your new birth certificate, the application for replacement passport, documents for affixing of all possible marks and the two pictures. Here will be the replacement of your passport with final change of name.