You will need
  • - passport;
  • - birth certificates of children, custody and divorce, if any.
Prepare the necessary documents. You must be a passport or birth certificate. Remember to change the name of any citizen of the Russian Federation under 14 years of age, but those who are under the age of 18 must obtain the notarized consent of parents or guardians. Such a letter may be decorated by them personally in the presence of an employee of the Registrar when applying for change of name. You also must attach to the documents a certificate of marriage and birth certificates of all children of the person wanting to change the name or surname.
Pay the state fee for registration of change of name. Ready form with filled details to take on the ZAGS. The Muscovites, decided to change their name, can download it from the official site of the registry office of Moscow.
Provide to the Registrar at the place of residence the documents and receipt of duty paid. Complete the standard form of notification of change of name, it will give you employee of the Registrar's office. Undergo this procedure for you no one can, personal presence is mandatory.
Wait for the decision of the registry office of any changes to your name or surname or about refusal in it. Your application will be considered within one month, after which you will receive a response by email. Then visit the registry office at the place of residence and will receive on hands the certificate on name change.
Contact the passport office at the place of residence with the statement for change of passport. To Muscovites it is necessary to specify exactly where to go, since in many areas began to operate multi-function centers (MFCS), and they moved some of the functions of passport offices, engineering services and even surrogacy. After obtaining a passport with the new name you want to change all the other documents, namely passport, driving license, Bank cards, insurance policies, etc.