You will need
  • Certificate of marriage, passport, passport, driver's license, certificate of pension insurance (SNILS), the certificate on INN assignment, work book, test book, means of payment (credit card).
Actually, changing the name not after the weddingand before it. Will have to choose before you can apply, which should specify who whose name takes. The Registrar offers to choose wife the name of her husband or Vice versa, you can also assign dual-spouses name.
Information about the change of name is reflected in the certificate of marriage. On the basis of this document written statement about the manufacture of a new passport, the old one is valid within a month.
The passport is made anew in the Department of the Federal migration service. The passport is valid for a month, so the honeymoon you will have time to go through the old document. In fact, to travel visa-free countries you no ban to expire (because away they do not need to present any other document).
Driver's license with new last name will be given by the Central traffic police of the city. Don't forget to bring old license, marriage certificate, new passport, receipt of fee payment, a certificate of medical examination and completion of a driving school (driver card).
In the new certificate of pension insurance will change only your name, assigned number will remain the same. The same applies to the INN certificate. For working girls request the production of new documents will be sent by the employer. He will take over the production of a new payroll card. In the workbook and record book student's maiden name is simply crossed out, the new fit next. It is sufficient to notify the personnel Department and the Dean's office about change of your personal data.