Most often to change the name the girls have after marriage. On the one hand this is a happy thing, because now two people become one, a real family with a common surname. To spoil the honeymoon might, perhaps, have a list of documents that needs to be replaced as quickly as possible, and it will have to go through a lot of different instances and some places to stand in long queues.

What to change in the first place

First, it is necessary to change the Russian passport. This must be done within 1 month, otherwise you face a fine. You need to contact the passport office, you should have the old passport, certificate of marriage or divorce, proof of payment of registration fee and 4 passport photos. On the spot you will be given an application form to be filled, and after a 1.5-4 weeks, you can come for a new passport.

Shift Bank cards are also obligatory. This can be done either by yourself at a Bank or through an employer. From documents you need to submit copies of marriage certificate and new passport, old card and completed application.

The change of policy of compulsory medical insurance has limits, but it's better not to delay. At a critical point problem with null and void insurance policy will be quite out of place. To change it independently through an insurance company or through an employer. The new policy will make in about 2 months.

Driving license also have limited time, but after the name change the old law is invalid. You need to contact MREO traffic police and you should have a new passport, marriage certificate, medical certificate, driver card, receipt of payment of registration fee and the old law. Right you will replace within 2 months.

Certificate of pension insurance to the new name you will make the personnel Department at work. If you change it yourself, please contact the pension Fund with the statement, the old certificate and new passport.

INN provides only the change of name, certificate number will remain the same. With the old testimony, a copy of the marriage certificate and the completed application form, the form of which will be given on the spot, you need to go to the tax office. The process will take a maximum of 10 days.

That can wait

If you have not planned in the near future travel, a passport can not be changed. Most importantly, do not forget that you have it with the old name when you want to fly to relax. Change this document at the visa Office in a few weeks.

In the workbook in a matter of minutes enter new name to replace the old. You need to provide a marriage certificate and new passport to the personnel Department.

The change of documents is troublesome and can take a lot of time. But once you do, you will be able to breathe a sigh of relief and proudly wear a new name.