So, to change the name after marriage, you only need to specify this in the statement with the registration of the marriage, which is submitted to the Registrar. After you become husband and wife, the first thing to do is to change the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation. Since the change of all other documents on the basis of a new passport and marriage certificate.

For this you need to write a letter to the passport office, pay the state fee and provide a receipt, bring a marriage certificate, four photographs and, of course, the old passport. The passport on the new name takes 2 to 4 weeks. Do not delay the procedure of changing the passport, because after marriage the old document will be valid only during the month. If you are delaying the change, you will have to pay a fine in the amount of 1 thousand rubles.

If last names are your desire, this will be slightly different. First, you need to contact the Department of records of acts of civil status (registry office) and fill out there application for change of name. Here you will receive a receipt for payment of a fee in the amount of 500 rubles. The statement indicates the current and the desired name and the reason you want to change.

During the month, the Registrar shall issue his decision to allow or deny the name change. Restrictions on the choice of names and the number of substitutions does not exist, but most likely you will be denied, if you want to take the name of one of the first persons of the state. In other words, you must specify a logical reason for the name change, which the Registrar will be able to count and to meet your request. If the Registrar gives his consent, you will be given a certificate of change of name, which already should be turning to the passport office to change all the documents.