In order to regain the maiden name, you need to contact the registry office where it was issued a marriage certificate. Usually it is issued in the Department at the place of residence of one of the spouses.
In the registry office, you must bring the following documents:
- own birth certificate;
- the certificate on divorce or certificate of death of the spouse;
- birth certificates of minor children.
The employee of Department the registry office will ask you to write a statement, which you will need to specify:
own surname, name, patronymic, registered address, date and place of birth, marital status and nationality;
- Name and dates of birth of all minor children;
- number and series of all marriage certificates or divorce papers issued previously;
- rooms and a series of birth certificates of minor children;
- the namethat you want to return;
- the reasons for the change of name.
Your application will be reviewed by the staff of the division Registrar within one month. However, if you filed for the change of name to the wrong division of the registry office where you were issued a marriage certificate, and any other, this period increases to three months. This is because first, Department staff sent inquiries to the Registrar where the marriage has been registered. And only after the request response begins the consideration of the application.
When time runs out, you will be given a certificate of change of name. In birth certificates of minor children as well as information about the new names of the mother.
After receiving the certificate of name change, you need to contact to start in the passport office for making new passports.
Then you need to change all your existing documents: INN, pension insurance certificate, health card, driver's license, passport and so on.