You will need
  • Details of territorial Department of Management of Federal migratory service
  • Receipt about payment of state duty
First, you must determine the amount of the fee payable. If the replacement passport is made in connection with achievement by the citizen of age of his replacement, that is, 20 or 45 years, the amount of the state fee for service passport will be 200 rubles. If you need unscheduled replacement of the passport, the fee will be more. While not critical, what is the reason resulting in the need for unplanned replacement: perhaps You washed passport, thereby spoiling it, lost a document, or become a victim of pickpockets. In all these and similar cases, the state duty in connection with the replacement passport will be 500 rubles.
Prepare the necessary information required for payment. Requisites for payment of state fees can be found on the website of the territorial Department of Management of Federal migratory service. Moreover, now each local office typically publishes on its website a link to the form receipts, which have been already filled in all the required payment details of the recipient. This receipt will need to print, then You only need to enter their own data - a surname, a name, address, place of residence. The finished document can be used directly for making payment.
Sample receipt for payment of state duty
For payment of the state duty should contact the nearest Bank branch with a pre-prepared receipt. However, if You failed to find her form on the website of the office of the Federal migration service or it was not possible to print it, You can give the operator details or to fill in empty blank receipts free of charge in each Bank. Be sure to save the receipt record of the payment - she will serve as the confirmation Deposit the required amount.
Paying the state tax, you must personally apply to the territorial body of the Federal migration service in accordance with the place of residence. In addition to receipts, in this case, you will need to provide a statement of results or replacement of a passport, made according to form No. 1P, and four personal photos of the applicant.