You will need
  • Documents.
Come to the registry office at the place of registration to change name after marriage, you need to submit the following documents:- certificate of marriage;
- birth certificate;
- birth certificate of children up to 14 years to change your surname in the "Mother";
- application for change of name.The statement in the registry office will consider within a month. In special cases, consideration of the application may last up to 2 months. Then you will be given a certificate and can advise how to change the name in the passport.
Change passport in the passport office at the place itellectually surnames after marriage in the passport office requires the provision of:- certificate from the registry office;
- old passport;
- 2 photographs;
- certificate of registration of marriage;
- the receipt on state duty payment;
- birth certificates of children under 14 years, if any.
Adjust the rest to documenttypename surname after marriage means, to be already a different person. Therefore, it is necessary to change the last name in the following documents:- a passport in the passport office;
- medical policy in the insurance company;
pension certificate with the pension Fund;
INN. Taxpayer identification number will remain the same. Will change only your name and address (if different) the Certificate on statement on the account in tax body of physical persons by place of residence in the territory of the Russian Federation;
- driver's license;
- Bank card;
- student book, student and library cards, if you learn. The diploma issued by the school before marriage, not a substitute. This also applies to high school diploma;
- documents on inheritance and gift;
- documents for existing property (property, car) and powers of attorney.
- workbook do not change, and put a mark on the change of name in the human resources Department at metu work.