It was originally planned to introduce a mandatory certification of all real estate transactions, therefore, came to the notary, you can hear that any transaction on alienation of a share to a person other than the owner of the other share houses, low-rise or land, must be notarized.

If your goal is to sell shares of land, house or apartment, in your case, the notary is right. But if you suddenly want to give their share houses, apartments or land, especially if the lucky donee your immediate family, you must understand that you have the legal right to use the services of a notary, to draw up a contract of donation on their own, in writing.

For the transaction of donation of a share of a house, apartment or land to draw up a contract of donation.

You can get a sample contract to IFC in the nearest town or use the sample found on the pages of Internet resources. The contract must be printed in three copies, one copy for each party and one copy for the body carrying out state registration of the transfer.

When submitting documents in MFC you should only have the certificate on the state registration and a document under which issued this certificate. Documents you must attach the receipt of payment of the state fee. The size of state duty and Bank details it is better to check with the Registrar that your application to the MFC.