You will need
  • - passport,
  • - marriage certificate.
First and foremost, you need to do is to change the passport. Russian law gives the bride one month. In order to obtain a passport, you must write an application, attach marriage certificate, receipt of payment of the fee, photos and old passport. At the time of registration of the new document must issue a provisional certificate that you can present as necessary. A new passport is on average about 2 weeks, so much inconvenience in connection with the replacement of the main document should arise.
Exactly the same procedure is waiting and passport – it also needs to change. Depending on the sample document (whether it is new or old generation) pay a different fee enclosed completed application form, photos and Russian passport with a new name. All these documents are submitted to the office of the Federal migration service at the place of registration, and a month later a new passport should be on hand.
Third, maybe the second important document is, of course, medical insurance policy. It needs to be exchanged at the branch of the insurance company that has done it before. At the same time for replacement, you will need to present only the old policy, marriage certificate and new passport.
Pension card is also subject to mandatory re-registration. Someone will be able to help her replacement at work, and someone will have to do it yourself. In order to have it changed, should contact the office of the FIU, to write the application, provide social security number with the old name, a new passport and certificate of marriage.
In addition to the social security number is mandatory to be replaced and was. The sequence of actions is the same as with the pension certificate: you must come to the tax office at the place of registration, to write a statement and provide all necessary documents (new passport, the old INN and the marriage certificate).
Full replacement and the whole set of vehicle documents: driving license, vehicle certificate and insurance policies hull and CTP. The first two documents are issued in the traffic police, the insurance policies – insurance company.
Do not be amiss to change all documents associated with the property. The certificate of the right to property, and any securities – all the better to re-register for a new name.
And, of course, all Bank cards and open accounts. All they trouble-free change in the nearest branch of the Bank in the presence of a new passport.