Regardless of what the medical establishment has caused your grievance, walking the chain of command start with the hospital administration. The complaint is written in free form. Usually documents of this type in the upper right corner indicated, and to whom the complaint is made, and contact information. In the main part of the document, specify compelling reasons for you to contact management, point of incident, time, place, name of the doctor or nurses that you complain. Regardless, the document is written by hand or typed on a computer enter the date of the filing of the complaint and sign it.
If the complaint was caused not specific personnel actions, but, for example, dirt in the chambers and corridors, violation of the mode of ventilation and a chore, dirty dishes in the hospital canteen and other violations of sanitary norms – apply to the body of sanitary-epidemiological supervision. The specialists of this organization on your call are required to verify compliance with sanaperheita. Finding of a violation, they will issue an order to correct deficiencies.
In all the public hospitals in a conspicuous place should be posted a list of the services that are provided to patients free of charge. Funding these services are insurance funds. Despite this, it happens that services from this list to provide patients with a fee. In such a situation, make a complaint to the mandatory medical insurance Fund. His name and contact details you will find on your insurance policy. The complaint is also written in free form with indication of the medical institution and the applicant. The same should be done if you have a policy of voluntary insurance, but the medical institution has violated conditions of granting of medical aid defined by this document.
In medical insurance company contact and in the case where due to improper treatment of your health damage or for this reason, you have lost a loved one. In any case, the insurance company is obliged to assign test and find out whether the cause of the tragedy was the wrong treatment.
To complain about the hospital and the health Department, if the hospital is subordinate the Ministry of health, or the Federal medical-biological Agency, if the violation occurred in a medical institution within the jurisdiction of this organization. In the latter case there are some nuances, because some offices are financed from municipal or regional budgets. That is, in some cases, the treatment facility under the jurisdiction of the FMBA, you can still complain to gorzdrav.
Very effective can be the treatment in a healthcare. File a complaint by regular mail and electronic. The appeal should be short and succinct. If you already have the answers from the administration of a hospital or health Department, they can be scanned and enclosed to the letter.
To protect your rights, including the right to health, urged the Prosecutor's office. Contact the Secretary, who will not only explain to you how to write a complaint, but will show samples of various documents. Your complaint the Prosecutor's office should conduct an audit. If necessary, it can initiate a judicial procedure. In court you can ask yourself, but it is better to enlist the support of a lawyer specializing in health issues.