You will need
  • - the book of complaints;
  • - the statement in Rospotrebnadzor;
  • - application in healthcare;
  • - check and copy check.
Contact the head of the pharmaceutical item, if you had a conflict at the cash register. Try to identify the problem first at this level. The dispute can be resolved in your favor, and from pharmacy you will leave completely satisfied with the service.
If your claim is not responded properly, neither the pharmacist nor her head, ask for the complaint book, which is available in every pharmacy. The conflict describe in detail in this book. Leave data about yourself (name, surname, patronymic, telephone, at the request and home address). Ask them to look into the matter and solve it soon. At the end of your recording, you must specify the date of your treatment in a pharmacy. In his written message should also specify that in case of ignoring your complaint, you contact to the higher authorities.
Please contact CPS if you wish to complain about a fake product, medication of poor quality or expired drugs. Department of Rospotrebnadzor in almost all the cities of our country. To refer its complaint to this public institution, you can still e-mail. In his statement this regulatory body describe in detail the situation arising in the pharmaceutical item (don't forget to write the address and name of pharmacy), please attach a copy of the receipt from the purchased goods, other available documentary evidence of your innocence.
Contact a healthcare. The competence of the organization include the resolution of conflicts that occurred in pharmacies, and claims-related health issue in our country. Send your written complaint for a specific pharmacy in the Department of healthcare in your city for consideration and acceptance of corresponding measures.