The first step is go to the doctor, to his Deputy on medical work of the hospital or to the head office. There you can leave a detailed complaint against the actions of their subordinates. Please note: it is not enough to verbally explain your problem, be sure to secure it in writing. To prevent this, the hospital has no right and, most likely, will not do it. In his complaint, try to be objective and consistent. In any case, not descend to abuse hospital staff.
If the complaint is at fault in a medical institution had no effect, and you are within two weeks received no response, you must contact the Department of health or the Department of health. Their contact details can be taken in your hospital.
The Federal service for supervision in the sphere of health operates Public Council for protection of patients ' rights. His complaint against the medical institution can be duplicated and there, when you call the hotline +7(499)578-02-97. This line works with 10 to 18 o'clock (Moscow time) on weekdays. In addition, a complaint against the hospital, you can send email to number +7(985)122-89-00.
Often people who have not had proper services in the hospital are United in the initiative group. Try to find like-minded people. Most likely, you're not the only one hurt in this medical institution. The more signatures under the address you collect, the faster the authorities will react to your claim.