You will need
  • - a sheet of A4 paper;
  • - fountain pen;
  • computer;
  • envelope;
  • brand;
  • - copies of documents confirming facts specified in the letter.
Write a letter to the Ministry in two ways.Method # 1. A letter you write in electronic form. As a rule, for reception of electronic communications (Internet addresses) on the websites of public services apply specialized software which provides the fields you need to fill in the details. You will only need to present the application in a free form. The answer of the Ministry you will receive in electronic form and in written form.Method # 2. A written request can be written by hand and printed using a computer. The letter is written in free form. No special rules for writing addresses of citizens in bodies of state power does not exist. But still, does not hurt if you follow some rules of business correspondence.
Correctly fill in the details of the letter. In the upper right corner of the sheet write the name of the state body where the treatment. Next, specify the position, surname, name and patronymic of the recipient, just write below the full postal address of the recipient. Under the recipient's details, write your surname, name, patronymic name, your full postal address and phone number for communication.
Politely refer to the addressee, for example: "Dear Ivan Ivanovich!". Next, state the nature of your treatment (proposals, applications, complaints). List in the letter attached copies of the documents confirming the facts indicated in the appeal (if you have them). In the end sign your name, legibly write your name with initials and enter the date.
Written letter can be sent by mail. Treatment along with applications put in the envelope. On the envelope legibly write the recipient's address, previously proved its relevance, and your return address. Be patient in waiting a few days for delivery and registration of letters, as well as the required 30 days to review the letter and prepare an answer. It is possible to divert mail to another Department (will notify you about this in writing).
The appeal along with the applications can be handed personally to the office of the Ministry. Then please be a copy of the address where you will stamp with the date of registration. In this case you will reduce the waiting time for a response due to postal services and registration.