You will need
  • computer;
  • printer;
  • - Internet access (not always);
  • - a pen (not always).
According to the Federal law "On procedure of consideration of citizens of the Russian Federation", any reference to a public authority should contain information about where it is addressed. It is enough to name the power structure. However, if you are applying to a particular official, please provide the title, name, surname, and patronymic.
If you write to the Minister of health and social development will not be superfluous to state: "the Minister of health and social development Minister Golikova T. A.". Because people in the Ministerial chair tend to change, it is best to clarify who holds this position at the time of writing you treatment. This information can be found on the website of the health Ministry or elsewhere on the Internet, fresh print media.
Below, enter your surname, name and patronymic, the postal address with the index at which you prefer to receive the answer. If set to the address of your registration at place of residence that differs from ' actual residence, enter with appropriate reservations, both. If desired, you can specify the phone, better mobile or city by which you can be found in the working time. This is necessary to running your report, the official could to call you, for example, for further details. But it's not necessary.
A strict standard of posting all of this information: in top left corner or the right. In the second case, when writing a complaint on a computer it is better to use the tabulator and not the option to right-align.
Titling their letter is optional, but better to do it. So you make it easier for those who distributes the complaints of citizens on immediate executors. Usually in the upper line indicates the kind of document: complaint, information request, offer. You can simply for "treatment". Often all the words are capitalized, sometimes bold, but this is optional. Optional and align center, but it can be done. Below it is advisable to specify the subject of the letter: whose misconduct complain, to what sphere of activity of the Ministry is your query or proposal.
Now it's time to move on to the content of the letter. It outlining your treatment. Write in connection with what are turning. If we are talking about the incident, tell us what, where, when and with whom they happened, what actions made in your address, consider unlawful what current laws are violated and what are your rights infringed those that offer or what you ask for. Will not be superfluous to stress that the law prohibits to send an appeal to whose action it appealed. If you prefer to receive answer not on the address register, specify which one he should send.
If you are applying via online foster the health Ministry, simply open the desired page on the Ministry's website and copy the letter there. If you want you can send it by mail or take them to the Ministry personally. To do this, print the letter, put the date and sign.