You will need
  • sheets of A4 paper
  • handle
  • Internet
  • the envelope
A complaint to the health care can write on any health professional. This can be done via the Internet, in person or by mail. In any case the complaint in writing. Important making complaints, it should contain specific facts, indicate unethical practices.
If to formulate the complaint difficult, you just need to allocate a circle of all the claims and each of them to create a separate complaint. First, include your personal details, if possible a phone number and definitely an email address. Consistently describe the essence of the claim to a specific physician or other health care professional. If you for some reason don't know his name, you can just write the number of an office or institution in which violated rights. It is enough to specify the hospital or specialized physician.
Present the problem in a compressed form, only the specific facts and avoid the complaint of emotions, foul language and familiarity. You can follow the law and specify in the complaint, in accordance with some articles violated your rights. Avoid vague wording, try to state only the facts and describe the illegal, in your opinion, the actions of doctors in a given situation.
At the end of the complaint ask the health professionals to understand the above and to help restore the right to medical services of adequate quality. May be asked to act on a doctor disciplinary or administrative. In any case, it is your right. Specialist of health may contact you personally to clarify the information set out in the complaint. They will be conducted to check the reliability of the stated facts, subsequently, you will receive a response in writing with the outcome.
If you are sending a complaint by mail, do it certified mail with the notification. If we personally, ask the Secretary to make a mark on the second copy of the document on its receipt. Remember that a complaint is better to write in a few instances . Try everywhere to get a written confirmation of its delivery to the addressee. The Internet is hard to do, however, you can write and through the official website of the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation.