With the complaint registry or the actions of the medical staff you can contact the chief physician of establishment. Usually a verbal request, but if the conflict is serious and requires investigation, it makes sense to submit a written application, a copy of which will need to keep. Within a month the physician must not only consider your complaint, but to report on action taken against employees who committed misconduct.
If inside medical institutions to settle the conflict failed, contact your regional health Department. Usually phone numbers and addresses for letters posted on the websites of administrations of cities and districts. The appeal must indicate their details and state the nature of the conflict. Also within 30 days you are required to report on the outcome of the proceedings.
To ensure an independent trial in the Ministry of health organized a public reception to which you can send an email – it saves time. To the letter if necessary, you can attach documents, for example, extracts, recipes, audio, or pictures.
In 2013, as medical services became interested in the Public chamber, which not infrequently received complaints about the clinic. Now the Public chamber you can call a specially organized free hotline: 8-800-700-8-800, telephone multichannel. Remember that as in any other case, you will need before setting out the situation to introduce yourself and leave your contact information.
Often citizens are willing to give universal publicity to the illegal behavior in the clinic medical staff. This can be done through the media or special web resources, for example, "Sneak", by going to the clinic.