You will need
  • - computer with Internet access;
  • - a sheet of paper;
  • envelope;
  • - the Ministry of health;
  • - copies of letters to the insurance company, local and regional health departments (if any).
Consider whether you need to write the letter in the Ministry of health. Many questions concerning the quality of medical services can be resolved through the insurance company. The list of services funded by the CHI program, should hang in every facility in a prominent place – often at the information booth at the reception. About the services that are provided under the policy of voluntary insurance, you can always ask the insurer. The company must respond to your appeal. The address and telephone number of the insurer you will find on your insurance policy.
The organization of certain types of medical care fall within the competence of local authorities. The work of the Department of "ambulance" or maternity hospital you can complain to the city health Department. In many communities there is a municipal program under which medical services that are not included in the list of OMS, but necessary in this place. In the city or district Department of health you are obliged to give complete information about these programs. It is possible that your complaint relates to these services, so raizdrav has all the necessary powers to deal with the problem.
The Ministry of health should write if cases within its structure and to the insurance companies to no avail. Directly to the Ministry of health can be accessed in cases where your problem may not solve any of the lower court. For example, you do not receive the treatment that is provided free of charge to patients under Federal programs, or in your pharmacy missing drugs for patients with cancer, diabetes, etc.
The letter, like any other appeal to official agencies, to send by regular mail or through a special form on the website of the Ministry. Clear copies of your requests and responses. If you are going to send a letter by regular mail with documents, making copies. For email, scan the most important document. Formats can be text or graphical. File size should not exceed 5 MB.
Requirements to the text common to all of the access to official institutions. In the top right corner letters spell the name of the institution, as well as information about the author. Don't forget to include your home address and phone number. When sending requests via the website, all necessary data are entered in a special window.
In the address briefly and clearly describe the problem. For letters submitted via the website, there is a limit – 2,000 characters. An ordinary letter can be a little longer, but it should contain only facts, i.e. what happened when and where.
Regular handling send by registered mail at the address: 127994, GSP-4, Moscow, rakhmanovsky pereulok, 3. You must come to the notice that a letter has been received and registered. Department of work with addresses of citizens is obliged to register, and email address, it is regulated by the Russian legislation. Notice you can get both email and conventional.