You will need
  • Rushnik (towel), an icon with the face of Jesus Christ, the icon with the face of the Mother of God, the bread and salt.
The blessing of the bride and groom happens with each of them in his house. That is, when you declare a son or daughter that they are going to create a family, parents or people who raised the bride and groom and is responsible for them immediately bless, if you agree with their decision.
Groom bless the following way. His parents stand next to each other. The father must hold this icon with image Jesus Christ. The groom kneels in front of parents one or both knees. The father three times, baptizing him with the icon and gave it to the mother of the groom. She repeats the same movement. According to the canons of the Orthodox Church, the groom sanctifies the sign of the cross, kissed the icon.
Bride in her home bless in the same way that you and the groom. The difference is that her family are holding an icon of the Mother of the virgin.
If it so happened that young told the relatives about their decision together, and the situation requires the blessing of a pair now, bless the future family parents of the bride or groom, or both are standing next to it.
After the wedding the newlyweds parents according to the Orthodox canons must bless again. Today, this stage occurs among the guests at the wedding reception. Blessing after the wedding or marriage happens in the following scenario. Before entering the house or place where they will celebrate the wedding the parents bless their family and presented with an icon of a wedding loaf in the center of which is the salt shaker with salt. Bride and groom bite from the loaf one slice of bread, sprinkling it with salt.
In an atheistic family benediction is parting words of parents to their children. The icon in this case is not used.