Events to the Registrar's office

Why should start a wedding day than the end? And in what order generally should follow the event each other? After submission to the Registrar before the future newlyweds have a lot of questions.

Traditionally, the wedding day begins with the bride. This is the most favorite and one of the most interesting ceremonies. Over time, the wedding ransom has changed, but the essence remains the same. Early in the morning in the house of the bride gather immediate family and friends to help her to complete the preparations for the wedding. For redemption, of course, have to prepare carefully: to think of a job for the groom and his friends to put up posters around the house or in the entrance to block the way to the bride's house.

Arranges the bride, her maid of honor. Recently, for this purpose sometimes it is customary to invite the host. Please note that the competitions was inoffensive and did not put the groom in an awkward situation, because he will have to be at this stage, the protagonist.

You cannot begin a joint life without the blessing of their parents. Previously, for an Orthodox marriage this moment was crucial. Even today, the blessing of parents is the most touching and emotional stage of the wedding. He is on the threshold of the home of the bride immediately after its purchase by the groom. Often in the ritual are also the godparents. For the rite of blessing will be sure to buy in the Church shop of the icons of the Saviour and the virgin. Young fall to their knees before them, and the bride's parents read a prayer or say parting words. These icons go into the house to the newlyweds. It is believed that they must preserve and protect. After the blessing the parents kiss the young, all the guests drink champagne to the health of the young.

Then should go to the Registrar. There the Registrar will register, legitimize your relationship. As a rule, the Registrar sent all of the guests, someone comes directly to the Registrar's office. The time and place of the wedding will be provided to guests in advance. During that time, as the Registrar pronounces a solemn speech, the couple and guests listen in silence. Then put their signatures in the book of registrations and bonded relationship with a kiss. After that, the newlyweds in turn congratulate all the guests. Today for the immediate registration of marriage requires the presence of only the young, even the presence of witnesses is optional. The ceremony will take no longer than 30 minutes.

After the official ceremony

When leaving the wedding Palace can overwhelm young rose petals. Then the couple with friends, go for a walk. During it they visit the iconic places of the city and surrounding area, for example, laying flowers to the Eternal Flame and so forth in Almost every town there is a place where the young husband and wife leave a padlock as a symbol of indestructible Union.

Parents and some guests in the walk do not participate and come to the Banquet. The start time must also be precisely specified and communicated in advance. This wedding stage takes place in a cafe or restaurant. Before entering the Banquet hall the bride and groom meet the parents of the groom, often with a loaf, from which both the newlywed bite off a piece. Who is more bite, will be in the house owner.

Then the master of ceremonies all took their seats at the table. In the center of the couple on the right hand of the groom sits his witness, then the parents. Same thing on the left hand of the bride. All of the wedding ceremony is accompanied by photos and video. The master of ceremonies organizes a lot of interesting competitions. Traditional at any wedding is the tossing of the Bridal bouquet to unmarried girlfriends, and of the garter for the unmarried friends of the groom.

During the feast, the guests shower the young, saying kind words. At the end of the evening the couple thank all who came. Nowadays, wedding ceremony often ends with fireworks.

Your plans can include the wedding ceremony. It takes place the day after the official ceremony.