The priest should be addressed only tserkovnoslovyansky name, not my name, "father Peter" or "father Nicodemus, you can call" father."
The word "Bless!" is not so much a request to give a blessing, it is also a form of greeting of the priest. Worldly words "Hello" and "Hello!" it's not customary to shake hands with the clergy. If you're near the priest, prostrate, stand before a priest and put your hands cupped palms up, right hand lay over the left. The priest strikes you the sign of the cross, say "God bless". Then touch the right, blessing hand of your palms. You should kiss the priest's hand. It symbolizes the touching the mouth to place the wounds on the hands of Christ.
The man during the blessing after the kissing of the hand of the priest to kiss his cheek, then his hand. First the blessing must be suitable men and heads of families, then women, then children in order of seniority.
Approaching several priests, asking for the blessing of the hierarchy. First the archpriests, then the priests. If priests a lot, take a blessing at all. And you can make a General bow, with the words: "Bless me, Reverend fathers". Remember, in the presence of the Bishop, Archbishop or Metropolitan, the priests do not bless. In this case, ask for the blessing only from the Bishop before or after the Liturgy. All the others in the presence of the Bishop can your overall nod to answer them with a bow.
Be tactful and patient. Should not be discouraging other parishioners, to rush to the priest for blessingm at the time of service or when he goes from the altar to the place of confession. The blessing you will give before and after service.
The priest may bless, and at a great distance. However, to run for a priest on the street or in the store should not be, especially if he is in civilian clothes. And even more inappropriate in any circumstances, be crossed himself before the priest the sign of the cross (to be baptized by the priest as an icon). In a public place is enough to shallow a bow or nod of the head.