The first bless the bride and groom the bride's parents. This happens immediately after foreclosure and prior to registration and on-site apartments.
According to ancient custom, the parents should be the icon of the Savior and mother of God, and fit the old icon, located in the house. The bride and groom should kneel as a sign of respect and admiration for parents on a special Mat or carpet. Parents cross over in the air the young three times and say words of encouragement, wishing a happy married life and long years together. This blessing is considered the permission of the bride's parents to the marriage with the bridegroom and involves the voluntary consent of the bride to marry.
After the farewell speech of the bride's parents, the young kiss and together with all the guests and relatives go to the Registrar. And the icons that were blessed the young, are transmitted in this family and is stored to the wedding of their children.
The groom's parents also need to bless a young couple's wedding day. This moment comes after the painting in the registry office in the house of the groom's parents. Sometimes the blessing takes place in front of the entrance to the Banquet hall, where we will be celebrating the day of the wedding. The bride and groom entering the building should go in this case, on a specially laid carpet, also called "carpet of well-being." The groom's mother holds a loaf with salt, and Papa icon. Speak words of blessing of their parents. They can be similar to the parting words of the bride's parents, and may sound during the verses – at the request of parents.
At the end of blessing all the guests along with parents of young shout loudly: "Kiss!".