Prepare for the meeting with the parents of the bride. Pay attention to your appearance. Wear clean and neat clothes. According to tradition you can wear a suit and tie, appropriate shoes. Check with the beloved tastes of her parents in order to buy small gifts: flowers – future mother-in-law, a bottle of wine, the future father – in-law. To the table you can also bring candy. Decide whether you will give the ring to the girl at the meeting with parents. If so, buy it in advance, knowing the right size of the finger of the bride. Not to be mistaken with the size, unbeknownst to the beloved circle the ring, putting it down on paper and then refer to the jeweler.
At a meeting with the parents of the bride come in time. If you are shy and modest in conversation, you can take a friend with a matchmaker whose task will be to represent you in the best light and tell all the good things. Father of the bride greet firm handshake, and mother will get a beautiful bouquet.
Most likely, you will be invited for a table. In the process of communication need to thank the girl's parents for such a wonderful daughter. You can list the good qualities and virtues, and say what you like. Let the parents know you intend to have that relationship with their daughter, and ask their blessing to the marriage. You may, paying tribute to tradition, to ask the hand of the bride, despite the fact that the decision you already made. It would be a sign of respect for parents.
If you decide to ask for the hand of the bride in public, and going to visit the girl's parents at one of the parties, in a restaurant or other public place. In this case, you must prepare a speech, after which, put on the finger of the bride a ring as a sign of engagement. Don't forget the flowers for the girl and her mother.
You can give the engagement ring to the girl, as in parents, and in other suitable moment when you propose. The tradition of giving such a gift came to us from the West. According to the rules of the engagement ring is worn before the wedding, and then replace it on the wedding. If the marriage is strong, first ring may in the future be inherited.Anyway, in our country there are no clear rules regarding the wearing ring when the engagement: sometimes, it continues to wear on another finger and during the marriage, or put on a family celebration.