The blessing of the priest symbolizes a kind of permission to do any business. In addition, under the blessing of the pastor is understood as the bestowal of some divine help, God's helps for a good beginning.

The blessing of the Orthodox priest is not given to sinful undertakings, because the very essence of this action is the invocation of the grace of the Holy spirit on the person. That is, through the blessing, the priest asks God may aid the Christian in his good undertaking. That is why the blessing of the priest must be treated with special reverence.

A priest can bless a man at any time regardless of, in the temple there is a priest or not, in this case, the vestment of the priest or Bishop in spiritual clothes also does not apply to the act of blessing.

In order to implore a blessing from the priest, you must contact the pastor by name, for example:" father, bless" or "Father, bless". In this case you can simply ask for blessings or to say specifically about what needs to be done. For example, you can explain his desire to the priest to get married, get a job, to take the blessing for study or operation. A Church blessing may extend to different aspects of the life and work of the believer, if they are not contrary to the divine commandments. To receive the blessings of the hands are folded right over left with palms up:

The priest makes the sign of the cross protasio, then puts his hand on the palm of the believer. The Christian should accept this blessing as from the Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, the Orthodox believer kisses the hand of the priest (if applied to the hand of the Savior). Some clergy do not give to kiss his hand, but after the blessing, lay it on the head of a supplicant.

The Holy fathers of the Church say, that through the blessing of going to good beginnings and replenished the forces and actions of man, as God's creation.

Orthodox Christians have their spiritual father, all the vital issues, resorted for advice to her Confessor. In case of execution of any spiritual efforts (prayer, fasting, worthy preparation for communion, etc.) is requested blessing. In General, the whole life of a believer, his life should conform to the high destiny of the individual, consisting of the aspiration to Holiness. That is why the blessing as asking for God's help is so important for the believer.