You will need
  • -prepared a congratulatory speech;
  • -poems about daughters.
  • - author wedding card;
  • album of memories.
Greeting parents at the wedding of the daughter is the most exciting moment. Make it memorable and unusual will help you with words and poems spoken from the heart and memorable gift that will leave the memories of that day for life.
Sit down and carefully think about what you want to say and to wish his adult daughter, creating a family nest. Take a pen and paper and begin to record everything coming into the mind thoughts, everything that you wanted to say. Read and based on this sketch, make a short speech greeting.
Go on the Internet and on greeting portals find verses that karakteriziraju your feelings to her daughter. But if there is a desire, write them yourself. Buy beautiful wedding card handmade, and write down your poems-treatment.
Purchase a beautiful delicate album in pastel colors (just a photo album or special album for scrapbooking). Remove all photos that have your daughter and make a selection from the first days of its birth to the present time. If you have memorabilia (tickets to the circus, children's theater, a collection of postcards of your daughter, etc.) use them for decorating album pages, also make commemorative inscriptions about his childhood, his youth. If you feel that you can't, order this album from the experts. On the Internet find many sites with the services of these professionals. But to start, let's see what specifically I would like to do, what style. To do this, visit the websites of scrapbooking, for example -
On the wedding day to congratulate the young family and will contact your daughter with your own words, read poems and present an album that will remind your daughter of her parents, the warmth of the family hearth, now she needs to create.
Give a young couple a gift that they will be able to pass the same day your daughter or son. Any talisman, amulet, so it became a family tradition. If you follow Christian traditions, buy a couple of icons that will bless your daughter and her lover in a strong Union.