You will need
  • - telephone directory;
  • - computer with Internet access.
Specify what you don't like school. Maybe it's rude or biased attitude on the part of the teachers, fees, low quality teaching. Talk to other parents, find out if there are any complaints from them. It is not excluded that it is possible to compose a joint letter.
To begin, write a complaint to the Director. Such documents are drawn up in free form, but in any case, you need to specify the position, name and initials of the recipient who complain and your contact details. Briefly and clearly describe what it is you are not satisfied. The main part of the letter should contain information about what happened, where, when, with whom and whose fault it was. Like any formal document, a letter addressed to the Director, certified by the signatures. Don't forget to stamp and date. Complaints are best submitted through the Secretary. It makes sense to write it in two copies, one to leave at home, but the Secretary needs to assure. Save the text of the letter.
The next place you should contact the education Department of the local administration. The text of the complaint can be the same, only be sure to add that you have addressed to the Director, but did not achieve a result. You can file a complaint through the Secretary of the Department, through the General Department of administration and sent by registered mail with notification.
Many municipalities already have official sites. Quite often on this site there are electronic reception. It's just a form, you want to make required data: surname, name, patronymic of the applicant, email address. In a special window, you can add a column in your case it is "Education". The text of the complaint should be short and clear. It is possible to make scans of documents – e.g., Protocol, parent-teacher meetings. To e-mail you must come to the notice that your letter came and was. The order of consideration will be the same as other citizens. Answer you need to get through the month, unless the situation requires emergency intervention or, conversely, does not require additional proceedings. In the latter case the period may be extended.
If necessary, you can contact the regional education Committee. To text need to add the phrase that you applied to the local authority, but the result is not received. The method of sending the same, so you can take the letter personally, sent by regular mail, by registered letter, e-mail or through the service "Electronic reception". And you can complain to the Ministry of education of the Russian Federation.
Structure that is responsible for the condition of schools and quality of education – Rosobrnadzor. Describe what you are not satisfied. The employees of this Department are required to understand if the conditions in the school do not meet educational standards, teaching is conducted not at the proper level, and the professional qualities of a teacher and the Director.
You can refer to the Prosecutor. In this case, pay special attention to what your child's rights are violated. It should be noted and admitted, in your opinion, violations of the law.